Misanthropic Boy (cureforyourpain) wrote in pc_clan,
Misanthropic Boy

Bomb the shit out of them

Here's my solution to afghanistan. Bomb the shit out of them. This is a war, and casualties must be taken. Did anyone saying dur the world wars"OH no! Don't bomb Germany, there's innocent people there!" Exactly, the US has put alot of threats up, but it's about time they got some balls and did something about it.
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You're referring to Dresden there I assume, and well...I agree whole heartedly.

In english someone stated that if we push them back, they'll push us back, and so on and so forth.

My solution was to push them so far they could never push back.

Their response was "But how do you know how far that is?".

As far as possible, I say. As far as humanly possible.

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